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Flex 100A Battery monitor coulomb meter amp counter

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The Flex battery monitor is a high accuracy current, battery indicator.

The Flex battery monitor can test the voltage, current, and capacity of lead-acid/lithium-ion battery and display them with intuitive battery symbol and percentage.

You will never wonder if your battery capacity is correct or if you have sufficient power left.

The Flex Battery monitor has a memory function to save your paramotors set.

The Flex battery indicator is suitable for mobiles and portable equipment like ups, electric vehicles, e-bike, battery cars, and many more.

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Flex Battery tester Key Features 

The Flex battery indicator is suitable for lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate battery,  lead-acid battery, and nickel-metal hydride battery which voltage is from 10V to 120V.

Product Details

Parameter Min Type Max Unit
Working voltage 10.0 120.0 V
Working dissipation 10.0 15.0 mA
Standby dissipation 1.0 2.0 mA
Capacity accuracy ±1.0
Voltage accuracy ±1.0
Current accuracy ±1.0 %
Backlight on current 80.0 100.0 mA
Backlight off current 50.0 60.0 mA
Capacity setting value 0.1 9999 Ah
Current of 100A sampler 100.0 150.0 A
Temperature range -10 20 60
Weight 270.0 g
Size 100×62×18 mm

1 X Flex Battery Monitor

1 X 100A shunt

1 X Connection cable

1 X Instruction book


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