Flex 15.6Ah Lithium Battery

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The Flex 15.6Ah battery is an additional battery that is compatible with the Flex TW45 and EP8 series to extend your off-road ability even more.

This little battery can give you up to 20hours continuous run time if the ambient temperature is 20° and the fridge is set to 5°.

It also has a charging input that can take an AC adapter or a solar blanket with a charge controller. You can also charge the battery inside the fridge with the 12V cable or the AC adapter.

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Key Features

Input: 12.6V/7.8A(6PIN)or 12.6V/3A(DC input)

Output: Max 10A

Battery Capacity: 15.6Ah

Keeps a 45L fridge cool at 5℃ for 20 hours when ambient temperature at 25℃

Compatible with the TW45 and the EP8 series


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