Flex Fridge Cover For Flex CF55

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Flex CF55 fridge cover

This protective insulation cover for the Flex Adventures 55L Fridge/Freezer features an easy zip opening and handy side pockets to store ods and ends.

The Flex Adventures Fridge Cover helps keep your 55L Fridge/Freezer even cooler and conserves battery life.


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Flex Fridge Cover For Flex CF55

Key Features:

An easy to open zip with velcro allows quick access to the top of your fridge.

Twin deep pockets, great for storing everything from cutlery to bottle openers and stubby coolers.

A clear window for monitoring and controlling your fridge’s temperature and Battery status.

Mesh vents for unrestricted airflow.

4 D-rings (1 per corner).

An extra layer of insolation inside the cover for additional insolation.

Along with all these features, this cover will protect your fridge from bumps and scratches when you are out in the bush – keeping your fridge looking pristine.

Get your Flex 55l fridge cover!


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