FLEX CF55 Camping Fridge-Freezer

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The Flex CF55 Portable Fridge is a great choice for those looking for a fridge/freezer portable appliance whether you are off to the park for a picnic, 4WD expedition, or on the road camping for months. The Flex CF55 keeps your food fresh and drinks cold for the duration of the trip.

Capable of being powered by either 12/24VDC. Extremely efficient compressor for quick cooling and low power consumption.

An LED screen with controls allows you to set the temperatures between -20°C and +20°C. The display also indicates the battery voltage.

Finished in a sleek, durable plastic case, it is the perfect companion to any trip. This fridge can be monitored and controlled by the App via Bluetooth, available for iOS and Android.


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Key Features

  • LED display panel, built-in LED light, and internal basket.
  • Battery monitor built-in on the LED display.
  • Full app control with remote battery monitoring via Bluetooth.
  • Suitable for Car, Offroad. Workes on 12/24V DC.
  • Can freeze down to -20℃ for true refrigeration.
  • 3 stage car battery protection system to prevent the battery run down.
  • Vibration resistant design to protect the device safety while driving on and off-road.
  • Safe to run on angles up to 45 degrees from horizontal great for 4WDing!
  • High-efficiency compressor with adjustable ECO and MAX modes.
  • Temp Display: Digital.
  • Battery voltage: Digital.
  • Capacity: 52 Liter.
  • 3-year warranty
  • Current rating:  DC 2.5A – 5A.

Product Details:

Capacity: 52 Liter

Rated Power: 60W

Product Dimensions: 690*345*524mm

Package Dimensions: 720*400*600mm

Weight: 13.86kg


CF55 Fridge Freezer

DC power cord (12/24V)

Instruction book

Additional information

Weight 14.8 kg
Dimensions 70.8 × 40 × 45 cm

8 reviews for FLEX CF55 Camping Fridge-Freezer

  1. Theunis Enslin

    Extremely happy with my Flex CF55 fridge. Thanx for the excellent service Ockert & Ewan.

  2. Vince

    This fridge is awesome!
    I have been using mine for 2 months and I have tested the efficiency and time it takes to reach set temperatures. Truly an awesome addition to my setup with flexibility and the Bluetooth makes life much easier! Two thumbs up from me!!

  3. Joel Burger (verified owner)

    Great Fridge! Size is ample for any camping excursion. Quick, quite and easy to use. Blue tooth is a bonus.
    Build Quality very good! Fridge is lightweight!

  4. Jean (verified owner)

    Review for FLEX CF55 Camping Fridge-Freezer
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  5. Michael Ludeke (verified owner)

    Love the CF55, quiet and quick cooling. The fridge is light and sturdy. The inside light is a nice feature as well as the Bluetooth app. Great service from the FlexAdventures team!

    • admin

      Hi Michael

      Thanks for your support and feedback.

  6. Keith Miller

    Excellent product and so glad we bought it. We had to stay overnight in a hotel on the way to Kruger and left the food inside in the car. Of course, the temperature didn’t stay down but the frozen goods were still rock hard in the morning when the car was restarted to continue our journey. We didn’t need to bother with a second battery.

    A word of warning, I have the new 2020 Prado and the height in the back has been reduced so that seats 6 and 7 can be permanently installed in the floor of the car. Not to my liking as with the old version, I used those seats on very few occasions so I removed them and had the full capacity for the majority of the time. You cannot do this now and it is impossible to remove the baskets whilst the fridge is totally in the car; the fridge must be partially slid out of the back to do this.

    The fridge is very heavy when the baskets are full and we had to remove them before moving the fridge into our accommodation. Not a problem with the fridge but something to be noted by purchasers.

    We found the Chinese manual very confusing. It refers to left and right when I think they mean right and left and the picture shows the power socket and the control panel on the same side, which it is not. We also found the automatic locking after 20 seconds inconvenient; by the time that we had read and “understood” the instruction, the lock had been applied. Our old memories failed us and we then had to read the instructions again. We found ourselves in a read – lock – read – unlock – read – lock situation :).

    It was fantastic when I read that there was an App. However, I didn’t find it obvious from the site how to locate it. I would suggest that the internet link be moved from the “Downloads” tab and placed next to the reference to the App in the description. It was so much easier to set everything with the App and we could also check from the front of the car that everything was working OK in the rear.

    We ordered our fridge only 5 days before departure and the help from Ewan and follow-up during shipment was excellent. We ordered on a Saturday and the fridge arrived on the following Wednesday morning. Excellent service! I will definitely recommend Flexadventures to my friends.

    • admin

      Hi Keith

      Thank you very much for your feedback.

      I would like to add some feedback on your comments.

      1. We see your reference product is a Flex CF55 but We think you are referring to the Flex TW75 Dual Zone fridge?
      2. You received the incorrect manual in the box. We apologize for the inconvenience. We took your advice and you can now download the Flex Product manual from our website.
      3. We have also included a link in our product description on our website to our fridge app for our customer’s convenience. Thanks for your adveince.
      4. The reason the fridge has the auto-lock is to prevent a user to switch the fridge off by mistake due to the touch screen. We are sure once you have all the Flex Fridge features under control you will have a better experience with our fridge interface.

      We are glad to hear you are happy with the service you received from Flex and we strive to keep our customers happy and improve our service levels.

      Flex Team

  7. Andre Voges (verified owner)

    Extremely pleased with the service. I did not expect anybody to react on my Whatsapp on a Sunday evening.

    But, yes. Our current fridge broke an we needed a new one urgently as repairs on our IndelB would take too long. Came across Flex Adventures and Ewan promised me they will do their best to deliver before we depart.

    From Sunday evening to Wednesday morning. And we have our fridge here in Centurion. Thanks!!!

    Also very pleased with the weight of the fridge. It is as light as a feather compared to our previous one.

  8. Felihle Dumisa

    This is the third day with my CF55 and its cover, already tested it on my portable power pack and the mains. I’m running it on ECO mode and L battery protection, left it operating at factory default setting of 0 degrees and, the drinks are ice cold!

    Certainly hear the compressor running when it’s cooling, draws about 1 Watt when idling. Got the APP setup on it as well, can see current and left zone temperature readings.

    Noticed a quality issue with the fridge thermal cover and notified Flex. Ewan called me back to say he’ll replace it right away. I’m a happy camper!

    • admin

      Hi Felihle

      Thank you for your support and feedback.

      We are sorry that there was a problem with your fridge bag but a new one is on its way. 🙂

      Kind Regards
      Flex Team

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